Trip USA 2018 - Indio, CA - December
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Thursday, December 27 - Sunset was spectacular. The sun was setting under high clouds and produced dramatic lighting of the palm trees. Click here or on the photo to view a very large photo suitable as wallpaper for your computer.

Tuesday, December 25
- We celebrated Christmas with Larry Smith and his family and friends. Attending: Trudy [Larry's sister-in-law], Teri/Joe/Jordon Dismont [Teri is Larry's daughter], and Dave/Charlene Busby. And we celebrated Larry's 81's birthday - he was born on Christmas day in 1937. We had a nice birthday cake with ice cream. Earlier I visited with Don/Linda McCrary and friends in space 737.
Trudy, Joe, Dave, Charlene, Jordon, Teri, Larry S, Larry R

Saturday, December 15
- The third house we owned was a 4,000 square foot 'mansion' in Hillsborough, CA at 25 Inverness Way. Bought it in 1974 and sold it in 1978. Paid about $140K and sold it for about $280K. It had a huge family room with 30 foot ceilings. Four bedrooms with a master suite about 30' by 40'. Separate kitchen, formal dining room and huge living room. Had a 3 car garage. A small room off the garage was my original office and used when I started The Bridge, Inc. in 1978.
25 Inverness - Google Street View 2018

Thursday, December 13
- While browsing the web I used Google Street View to locate the home we owned in Downers Grove, Illinois. Address: 6200 Lyman. It was the first home we ever owned. It was brand new. Bought it in 1971. Paid about $40K for it. Sold it in 1974 for about $60K. A split level home with a basement under the right side kitchen, dining room and living room. There were three bedrooms and two baths in the upper center section with a large family room under the bedrooms. It was a great family home for the four of us. We planted the trees which are now very large.
Frontal View off Lyman - Google Street View 2012
Side View off 62nd Street

Wednesday, December 5
- Played the second day of the eclectic Men's Club tournament. Ended up winning $7 by placing 8th low net in the A flight. Played with Dennis Dabbs, Bud Chesnut and Jerry Phillips. Jerry edged me out by a stroke. Bud had a hole-in-one on the 7th hole which paid $35. There were 80 players in the tournament.
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Monday, December 3
- Played with Carl Haese, Ron Gunn and Charlie Wall today in the skins game. I had one tied birdie. Carl played well but only had 3 birdies and got paid for one. He probably would have posted a 51. Ron and Charlie got paid for one as well. Net - lost $1.00. Lots of tied birdies. There were 16 players. It was a chilly morning but warmed up nicely by the time we finished.

Saturday, December 1
- Played in the couples scrambles with Jack Risch, Maine Tonkin, Joanna Reynolds, Paulette Vickers and Carolee Moesch. We were 7 under. Four shots out of the money. Jack was our hero - we used his tee shot on most of the holes. I did not help much. The winners had 40 - 14 under. There were 85 players. It was a cool morning but warmed up nicely into the low 70s by the time we finished.
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