Crop an Image and Resize the Result
October 2018

In one of the applications I developed I wanted to use graphics to represent letters. I found a graphic that contains a full alphabet of letters. I then needed to crop the full alphabet getting the individual letters. So I wrote a small app that does that. First it crops the large image getting the letter entered. Second it creates a full alphabet of letters using an entered pixel height.

I developed a VB.Net, Asp.Net, Visual Studio 2008 application that demonstrates the process. Click here to run the app. You will see this page first.

Crop and Create an Alphabetic Letter

Red Letters

This is the initial page. By default a red letter 'A' is cropped from the larger image.
Enter any letter in the 'Single Letter' box then click 'Make a Cropped Letter' to see it created.

Black Letters

Click the 'Black Letters' option to make a black letter.
Letter 'Z' was entered and after 'Make a Cropped Letter' was clicked a black 'Z' is created.
Go to the next page by clicking 'Create Full Alphabet' to crop and resize letters 'A-Z'.

Create Full Alphabet

When 'Create Full Alphabet' is clicked this page is shown. The color shown is the one selected on the prior page. You can select Black or Red on this page as well.

Enter a file name prefix and the height then click 'Create Them'.
All 26 letters are created and stored in then location shown.
If you want to use the created letters you should download the app [shown below] and run in on your computer.

In this example black letters were created.

Download VB.Net Code

Click here to download the VS2008 VB.Net source code and the executing program [503k].

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Updated 2018/10/09