Launch Browser using Windows Task Scheduler - December 2014

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Database Backup - I have a number of applications that use a SQL Server database. And I have included code in the applications to backup the database. I had been running those application periodically and doing the backup manually. I wondered if there was a way to run the backups on a schedule.

EMail Notices - I have another application that sends out periodic reminder email notices. The task they should be working on next week is sent in the reminder email. I wondered if there was a way to send these emails on a schedule.

And There Is - I am now using the Windows Task Scheduler to launch a web application at a predetermined time every day. This tip-of-the-month documents the process. I wrote an app that demonstrates the process. Click here to run the demo.

Using The Windows Task Scheduler

Start the Windows Task Scheduler. I found it in the Windows System32 folder under the name TaskSchd.msc.

Start Task Scheduler Shortcut Properties
Task Scheduler Overview Page - Create a new Task which I called TOTM2014_V18N05_TaskSchedulerDemo in folder TOTM [Tip-of-the-Month].
Click 'Selected Item' 'Run' to test the selected scheduled task.

Click right menu item 'Create Task...'
Enter a name and description.

Click the Triggers tab and create a New Trigger then click OK.
In this example the task runs every day at 2:30 in the morning.

The newly created trigger overview.

Click the Actions tab and create a new Action. This is where you describe what is to be done.
Enter the browsers program name/location. For example:
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
In the arguments field enter the web page to be started. For example: Rebich
Then click OK

The Actions Overview

Use the default conditions settings or modify them.

Force the task to stop after awhile. In this example after 1 hour.
The browser will be unloaded.

Download the VB.Net Code

Download the source code by clicking on the zipped file name. Click here to run the demo application.

Download - Source Zipped File Size
VS/2008 VB.Net, ASP.Net Solution 143K

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Updated 2014/12/28