Gradient Background Image - May 2012

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As part of the process of dynamically altering a web page's background I have started using a gradient image. The process is described in this Tip-Of-The-Month. I created an Asp.Net, VB.Net application to demonstrate the method. Click here to run the demo.

The Demo Application

The Asp.Net, VB.Net, VS/2008 project Gradient is documented here.

Gradient Sample 4

Gradient Sample 3

Gradient Image Maker

I used a Gradient Image Maker I found on the web to create the images. Then I used the Seamless Image Maker that I wrote for the March 2012 tip-of-the-month. You should make a seamless image if the page's background is not fixed or if the page contains a lot of data.

Download the VB.Net Code

Download the source code by clicking on the zipped file name. Click here to run the demo application.

Download - Source Zipped File Size
VS/2008 VB.Net, ASP.Net Solution 76k

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Updated 2012/06/10