Which Browser - January 2010
Updated: April and June 2011, December 2016

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I needed to determine which browser the client was using. I searched the web and found some useful code. I encapsulated it into a class module called cWhichBrowser. It becomes the tip-of-the-month.

2010/02/16 - I added support for Safari and modified the Chrome check. Request.UserAgent is used to distinguish between Safari and Chrome. I also added browser property IsMobileDevice. I am starting to do some development for the iPhone/iPod Touch and needed to know if the mobile version of Safari we being used by the client.

2011/04/18 - Added support for IE9. If you downloaded a prior version you should download this one. See below.

2011/06/09 - Added support for the iPad and iPhone. Methods IsIPad and IsIPhone are added. Tested with the iPad. Not tested with the iPhone. I found the inspiration for this via Google. Click here to view that inspiration.

2016/12/13 - Added support for Microsoft's Edge browser.

VB.Net Demo Solution

I wrote a VS2005 VB.Net Asp.Net Solution to demonstrate the use of cWhichBrowser. Click here to run the demo.

Sample Calling Code

Dim o As New cWhichBrowser
If o.IsIE9 Then
'Do IE9 Stuff
ElseIf o.IsFireFox Then
    'Do Firefox Stuff
ElseIf o.IsIPad Then
    'Do IPad Stuff

Use Request.Browser

Request.Browser returns information about the client's browser, for example:

With HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser
Dim sBrowserType As String = .Type
    Dim sBrowserName As String
= .Browser
End With

Download VB.Net Code

Download - VS2008 Zipped File


WhichBrowser WhichBrowser.zip 42k

 Click here to run the demo.

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